Watch cap in lambswool in admiral blue

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Knitted hat, hand-framed in the south-west of the British Isles, with a rib of lambswool yarn.

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There's not many of these left, by the looks of it. Still, don't despair. Email and perhaps something can be done about it.


The hat, being as it is entirely a thing of rib, has the great quality of fitting heads of every size.

This is a heavy knitted watch cap: eight-ply in knit-speak. In other knit-speak, it is hand-framed. That is to say, made by a single skilful knitter, who controls with expertise quality and tension of the knit on an old, hand-operated contraption. Rare indeed, these days — especially in Britain.
The heftiness of the watch cap, however, comes in no way at the expense of comfort. It is made from luxury-grade geelong lambswool — best thought of as merino's softer brother — and is thus supremely cosy and comfortable. If one were prone to superlatives, it might be called sumptuous.
Two colours at work here: one punchy blue and one dark navy. The hat is throughout a rib-stitch: the optimal stitch when you want something to hug the head. The yarn is pre-washed, so the hat can be easily washed — even in a machine — and will snap back to its original shape, if with wear it loses tension.
One final knitwear term: it is hand-linked together. There is no stitching here. None at all. Instead, each little knitting loop, of each component of the hat, is linked to the next by knitting needle and hand. By hand. Painfully slow and skilful work that equals seamlessness and, all being equal, superior knitwear.

As worn

Him, here, has a head, which the cap — size-agnostic as it is — very evidently fits.

Makers of

The hat is made by knitters in the south of Britain. Founded 100 years ago, they work with small, hand-operated contraptions overseen by one person — rather than huge, automated machines. It is perhaps the only maker to do so in Britain: slow going, but results bearing out the toil involved.

So they say

I've just picked up the hat, and have tried it on. It is absolutely lovely! Fits perfectly and almost obscenely soft.

So spoke an Englishman in Finland — his watch cap a geelong lambswool one — in February 2018.