SB2 jacket in grey linen hopsack

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Two-button jacket, made in London, with a mid-weight, grey linen hopsack from Northern Ireland, and horn buttons from the Midlands.


The SB2 fits true to size, and so the mannequin — the most standard 38 in the world — wears S. The body is short-to-medium length and its shape is fairly straight, with the waist pulled in very slightly. The shoulders are soft and unstructured; the sleeves are an average width.

To fit chest 36 38 40 42 44
Pit-to-pit 20 21 22 23 24
Shoulder 17½ 18 18½ 19 19½
Back length 27¾ 28 28¼ 28½ 28¾
Sleeve from   centre-back 33       33½       34       34½       35      
The SB2 is a two-button jacket — that's SB as in single breast, and 2 as in two. It is a casual, everyday sort of jacket, with an unstructured make and an easygoing fit. A pleasingly soft and worn-looking cloth from the get-go, this — and becoming only more so with time.
The jacket is an understated sort of thing, at least on the face of it. The lapel, for instance, is a classic, unassuming "notch" shape.
The buttons — the two at the front, and the two at the cuff — are made from horn, and are light in colour and matte in finish. Being as they are an entirely natural thing, each button is a little different, from one to the next — varying in colour and nuance.
The jacket has large jet pockets at the front, covered with a deep flap, and with the pocket-bag stitched through to the front of the garment, creating a faint outline. Same goes for the smaller pocket up at the chest. Inside, meanwhile, is a single pocket on the left side as worn (below-right).
The jacket is lined with pale grey cotton-linen (the "desert cotton" used more commonly here for shirts). This lining extends low down the back, covering two-thirds of the inside of the jacket. Below this, and elsewhere on the jacket, the seams are bound in ecru cotton, which gives a clean and neat sort of look.
The cloth here is a mid-weight hopsack linen. It is a deceptively simple cloth. The colour is very deep, the handle is soft and smooth rather than coarse, and up close can be seen the little slubs and markings that elevate a very good, trusty linen, to a pleasingly characterful one.

As worn

The gent here is 5'9", and he is wearing an S. He has a chest size of 38", and there are reports — neither confirmed nor denied — that he weighs in a touch over 11 stone.
This gent also has a 38" chest, and too is wearing a size S in the jacket. It fits him here a little more snugly, on account of his wearing a cardigan beneath.

Makers of

The jacket is made at an outerwear factory in London: the best, many agree, in the capital. The jacket is cut by the hands of a cutter with some 30 years in the trade, and sewn by one of four seamsters whose meticulousness and pursuit of perfection would be caricature were the end results not always so good.
The cloth is woven by a linen mill, a few miles south of Belfast in Northern Ireland. The mill was built at the end of the 1800s, back when Belfast was "Linenopolis". That it's one of the last mills still standing in the area is testament to its exemplary work in the weaving, dying, and finishing of luxury-grade linen.
The horn buttons were cut, shaped, and polished by the last such factory in Britain (now defunct). It was part of a tradition in the Midlands first linked to the meat industry of the 18th century. "It is no easy task," said William Hutton in 1780, "to enumerate the infinite diversity of buttons here in Birmingham."

So they say

The SB2 is gorgeous and fits me perfectly: great quality for a fair price. Best regards — and again, I cannot stress enough how pleased I am with the quality of you products.

So said a gent who bought the jacket in heavy tweed in September 2017.

The SB2 jacket I bought is wonderful. I've got the same comments on the incredible fabric and attention to detail.

Another tweed SB2-owner, here, this time buying out-of-season in the summer of 2016.

I received both the SB2 and the shirt this week. They look even more fantastic in person than in the pictures — the materials, cut, and workmanship. Both garments fit me nicely — looking good, and feeling comfortable to wear.

So complimented a man from Finland on his tweed SB2 in February 2017.