Some meritable mohair making

The newest makers write-up returns to the Heavy Woollen District of West Yorkshire. But a brisk walk from the cashmere mill visited in the spring is the mohair maker: a place storied similarly to its neighbour, and — given an output that ranks among the finest anywhere in the world — just as deserving of its place at the top table of English make.

Some seriously luxurious and commensurately eye-wateringly-priced stuff gets made here, and also, a few rungs down, cloths like the chalkstripe wool — not actually mohair, confusingly enough — used for October’s seam overshirt, and an unusually speckled wool unearthed during the visit that led to today’s write-up. That cloth will make an appearance in some form or other in months to come, and is proof — were any ever needed — that you can’t beat meeting suppliers first hand and best of all on their turf.

Read about the mill and its era-spanning excellence here, and keep an eye out for garments that employ its cloths — aforementioned speckled wool included — next year.