Four walls and a lid

Coming soon: premises. Proper, actual, bricks and mortar premises. The workshop. And there’s no getting around the fact: it most definitely is a workshop. No shop-in-disguise, this; it’s a place to do work. But also, as its name suggests, it has a bit of a shop about it, too.

What makes the workshop even more certainly a workshop is where it is: at Cleve Workshops — a row of listed Victorian workshops, built in the 1800s on Boundary Street, and steeped in yarns of apocryphal proportions. No contending history like that.

Even in estate-agent speak the workshop would only just qualify as “compact”. But a fail-safe combination of four walls, floor, and lid is plenty to be getting on with. It’s room enough for design and pattern-cutting, is a stone’s throw from a number of workrooms, and is where suppliers and their wares can be welcomed. And of course customers, too — whether for idle browsing or full-on eyeballing of whatever is in stock at that moment.

So there it is. 1 Cleve Workshops. E2 7JD. Doors open to one and all in around a month.