Moving images from West Yorkshire

“Spend time in a tailor-grade mill and you can see how much care goes into every meter of high-quality cloth,” says the man. Listen to the man.

Visits to makers are mostly to meet and to talk about cloth or components or the ins and outs of production; to inspect new things, to talk about current things, and of course to chew the general cud. And it seems sensible, occasionally, to bring along a camera — or, in this case, last year, a video camera and abundantly inquisitive person from Monocle.

Thanks to the mill — maker of the finest mohair not only in West Yorkshire, or all of Yorkshire, but in England, and most of the world — for generous, equal parts patience and accommodation. The corresponding non-moving image report of the visit, incidentally, is in the Makers section here, while the overshirt made from cloth from the mill, and the cameo-making grey moss-stitch cardigan, are here and here, respectively.