Beyond the bell marked 1

The workshop has been open for nigh-on ten weeks. Ten weeks of people stepping over the threshold from “out there”, and inside the four walls and 160 sq. feet of likely the smallest premises trading today.

It’s still a workshop-in-progress. Renovation has slowed but hasn’t stopped. But what’s important is: the garments are in. Right now that means a row of wool-cashmere neat jackets, corduroy tour jackets, and herringbone linen macs, plus a stack of moss-stitch cardigans and rollnecks. Space being a premium in the workshop, they’ll soon make room for the weather-proof and rustle-free Ventile mac — the finishing touches to which are being applied at time of writing — and some all-new four-tone tuck-stitch knitwear.

Tucked away upstairs at the workshop, meanwhile, is the incubation of developments for the other side of the world — about which a lot more will be written in time — and a panoply of very fine just-in cloth, from among others the Yorkshire cashmere mill, the neighbouring mohair mill, and the redoubtable Cumbrian brushed-cotton shirting mill.

In short, the workshop works — and is open all weekend, and some of the week. There has been a shortage of by-day photographs of the place, but some can now be found here.