London weaving, pt. 4

That’s it. Dozens of Hebridean, Black Welsh Mountain, and Jacobs sheep shorn; tens of thousands of metres of their yarn spun and wound; tens of metres of bespoke made-in-London cloth hand-woven; and six tobacco-coloured Space Invader twill peacoats made from it.

And so work with the one-man-mill of London is over — for now. The peacoats and information about every aspect of them can be found here. Each one comes with a copy of “No Automatic Safety Features” — a reference to the modus operandi of the one-man-mill and his Hattersley looms. It’s a 20-page newspaper; a sort of “making of” that covers the lot, from the winding and weaving, to pattern-cutting and production. Here is some of it.

The start, middle, and end of the hand-woven Space Invader project are here, here and here. Plans are now underway for more work with the one-man-mill. Rope-dyed indigo cotton is on the cards this time. Spring is the idea; February or March if all goes to plan.