The return of Tetris tweed

Tetris tweed really is a curious cloth — at once traditional, with its nepps and burrs and decades-old Donegal provenance, and also modern, with its pattern surprisingly geometric, its palette muted.

In this respect, Tetris tweed has much in common with the three-button blazer, which has many of the cues of a classic SB3, proportion- and construction-wise — but also pipe pockets, button-loops, and stitch-through details: things frowned upon by the orthodox.

The granite-grey Tetris tweed blazer worn with charcoal-grey proper trousers, light grey Kelly collar shirt, and some lambswool socks (also grey).


And lo — the Tetris tweed blazer is back in stock, right now, in almost all sizes. Cloth supplies ran dry, see, back in August, and a short trip overseas to the father-son mill duo in County Donegal was needed to procure some more. And what cloth it is; cloth which, the more closely you examine it, the better it gets. Its weight is halfway between autumn-weight and heavy-duty hunting tweed, and it has been hand-woven with such care and finesse — with genuine, tacit, born-and-bred feel and understanding for Donegal yarn and its properties — that it breathes and drapes in ways above the run of common tweed. Just what you need from a versatile and most-weathers smart jacket, in other words. The three-button blazer is available again, then, in cocoa and in granite grey, from today.