A spectacle frame, pt. 2

It turns out that developing a spectacle frame, a new one, from scratch, takes much longer than you think to get right. You can get it mostly right in no time at all — but to tweak and tease and tinker until it looks spot-on, on most faces, is something, it seems, which can’t really be hurried.

But look here. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a photograph of a picture is worth — what? — two thousand words, ten thousand? Here, one year after it all began, is the final pre-production drawing. It is a simple drawing, but is supported by reassuringly copious nth-degree notes about side tips, frame markings, nosepad compositions, alloy platings, and bridge depths. It is the final, final, final step before the making of the frame can begin, well — sooner surely now than at any other point in the past twelve months.