Digging trenches again

Work is not ongoing with the trench, because the trench hasn’t changed — save splitting apart its belt — since making its debut five years ago.

This is the finished article. Just needs buttons and a bit of a clean-up.

But while the trench is unchanged on the face of it, that doesn’t mean questions like “how can this be made better” aren’t being asked on a nigh-continuous basis. For every new development, be it another coat, a pair of trousers, or a crewneck, there is reflection on everything that has gone before, and whether its level — its details, its shape — can be raised to the new standard. Work ongoing, then — just that there’s nothing to show for it.

Bedford cord, this, incidentally. It’s a type of woollen named after Bedford in Bedfordshire in the south of England — a town which is famed worldwide for its drape, durability, and even-spaced longitudinal grooves. This instance, however, is woven in Somerset, and as well as this grey variant, there’s a redbrick one, too, in which the trench will also be made.